Agriturismo Le Ginestre & Casa Baleotti

Bruno and Laura are young and they look for a place out of the city whether to live, to be their children be born and to grow (well seven will be) to narrow contact with the nature, trying to reduce to the least one the purchase of products in the shops.

It is 1976 and they find him/it, an abandoned agricultural fund on the hills in Bologna.

They begin to systematize the road, a real street of brambles, and to polish up around all the fields.

Arrived to the house, they find her/it in bad conditions and this it causes the collapse of it to the start of the jobs of restauration.

Bruno and Laura reconstruct here the house of their dreams, “Baleotti’s House “

La nostra cucina

Our dishes

The kitchen that the chef Beniamino Baleotti offers is typical of Bolgna and drift from the ancient teachings handed down by his grandmother Clarice.

Our products

The advantage of the service that we offer is that to be able to use all the subjects first natural and genuine that we succeed in producing with our hands  .

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