She has frequented the hotel professional institute. A lot of course in the reception of the guests and in the service of room. From a few years she is transferred away from house.


The chef of the agriturismo. He has always had since small a particular interest for the kitchen. A lot of times it passed in the kitchen with her grandmother and with her mother to learn the secret of the good kitchen of Bologna and Tirolean. Its dream is, for a long time, that to be able to become a good chef and he has made of its greatest passion its beloved job. From the fatherly grandmother he has learned to prepare savory foods. With his courses of kitchen near the agriturismo he wants to transmit to others this magnificent art. Also the harp both Celtic how classical it is in the heart of our hero that, inspiration allowing, he cheers and he lets the guests of the agriturismo amuses.


The small one of the family that already has some clear ideas for his future. He is “the entertrainer” of the guests of the agriturismo, it brings them to see the animals, it plays with children, speak to them of the found fossils digging in our earth. If then the time is ugly, it involves the guests with games to the papers, the chess or the dame, and it surprises as apprentice conjurer. From great he would like to do the astronomer and him he  is already practicing with a telescope that uses in the clearest evenings.


He is Born in Bologna (father Ildebrando from Casalecchio) and mountain (mother Clarice from Grizzana Morandi). He is a great lover of the nature of the country and of the mountain,: in 1975 it participated in the consignment on the Karakorum. Besides his passion for the earth it is very known for the profuse appointment in the practice and teaching of the martial arts (captain of the national Italian of karate) and of the yoga one (from 1978 after the practice of the Yoga Hata in India, he has created a proper method of teaching and practice of the discipline: the famous method Baleotti. The stageses of yoga organized in agriturismo are his prerogative.


She is the principal creator of the agriturismo and she is the kind and creative coordinator of the exuberant activity and personality of all the members of the family now. She was born to Bolzano, she arrives to Bologna to frequent the university where she meets Bruno in 1973. One year after she marries him and with him it shares the project of a life “full immersion” in the nature. 7 children are born “each different, each after all taken” from his own passions and inclinations but all with a natural dowry, the liking.


At the departure of Naomi has magistrally intervened in the service of the room, even if she is taking a course of aesthetical and hairdresser. She is appreciated above all for her naturalness, simplicity and, as all the other components, in to make to feel the guest as a friend of family.


Now masseuse and teacher of yoga,  Baleotti’s method ! Thin from small attracted by the physical activities and by the painting, it becomes teacher of art and it is to her that we owe the sketch of the mark of the agriturismo. she Adores the life out of the city and continuous, on the tracks of his father, in the teaching of the yoga that practises for a long time and even before the Á. B C. she is improved besides in the techniques of massage that gladly dispensation to the guests of the agriturismo.


Bashful to the photos, sour-technical qualified and, for a long time, able a particular feeling with the animals and with the earth. It is him responsible of the breeding of the animals and the biological cultivations of the fund, of the cleaning of the wood and the cut of the firewood for the heating of the houses. He personally takes care of the preparation and the seasoning of the meats of house with the methods of “once”: salt, pepper white and red wine, garlic, laurel and rosemary. Thanks Ildebrando for your sausage, the cup of head, the cicciolis, the seasoned coppone, the rolled up bacon, the ham and the seasoned lard, and….. to satisfy her mother the speck.


After a course of confectionery and one year of practice near a confectionery to Bolzano, she has taught to Benjamin the fundamental techniques of the confectionary art before marrying herself and to move herself away from house.