In 1991 the jobs of restructuring and amplification of the agricultural house that it dominates from the top the hilly fund start.

They draws 4 double rooms with relative baths, her great kitchen devoted to the great family is already equipped for opening the agriturismo, around the fireplace of the great original lunch room the tables are added for the guests, the dispensation has widened and restructured as the laundromat and the wine cellar.

Finally a butchers for butchering the animals of low court of the agricultural fund.

In 2001, the first nucleus of  Baleotti’s House is ready to open the doors to the first guests of the agriturismo. And the old fund “The Casone” it becomes the Agriturismo “The Brooms.”

In 2003, gotten the authorization for the restructuring of the old stall and the reconstruction of the old barn (collapsed in the same period of the agricultural house).

They adds so 4 rooms with bath (3 double and 1 single) in the barn, while in the ex-stall, to the plain earth, a room was drawn by to turn to didactic farm or room for every event