The advantage of the service that we offer is that to be able to use all the subjects first natural and genuine that we succeed in producing with our hands

Thanks to the regal one of the magic Ildebrando, the agronomist of family, our culinary preparations can count on the fresh products is of the biological agriculture that of the breeding on the farm.

The biological cultivation gives us the tomatoes, the eggplants, the aubergines and the whole garden of which we have need. We have then hectares of orchard, with the possibility to cultivate peaches, apples and small fruits.

Also the breeding of the livestock, way of the pigs, is effected particularly with use of solos biological foods. The same preparation and seasoning of the meats it is submitted to the old methods of the local farmers and that is salt, pepper white and red wine, garlic, laurel and rosemary.

Then thanks Ildebrando for your sausage, the cup of head, the cicciolis, the seasoned coppone, the rolled up bacon, the ham and the seasoned lard, and….. to satisfy her mother the speck that you offer us.