As soon as the years pass the animals they arrive.

The cow Camilla (brown alpine), hens and rabbits and then Cleopatra is born, cow of Camilla. Also a called entire colt Willy to which Stella was added, her foal.

The time passes and the stall widens for entertaining Rosina and Permanent (cows dappled redheads) and the bullock dappled red “Little ball”.

In 1991 Hara, an Akita Inu arrives, the “Great dog of Japan”, very affectionate and from watch. In 2003 others two have arrived of it:  Wolverine and Hara in memory of the first beloved Hara. It follows 7 little dogs.

Ildebrando tries everything to be able to raise the livestock in optimal way, so that can be felt then in the meat that taste of goodness and lightness of the animals raised outside, naturally and biologically. As part of the family they are treated.

These particular cares allow to get that quality that the seasoned products make unforgettable. Also the meats result so much to be savory, tasty and soft, as they are said to themselves in mouth.