The kitchen that the chef Beniamino Baleotti offers is typical of Bolgna and drift from the ancient teachings handed down by his grandmother Clarice: soups and fresh pastas to base of it skims through, rigorously pull to hand: tortellini, tortelloni, noodles, lasagnas and pies (classical to the meat sauce, chicory and stracchino, lamb and vegetables etc…). To every first dish a juice is combined by the ancient tastes, one for the whole mythical meat sauces: 4-5 hours of cooking rigorously to slow fire.

Some preparations are born from unusual but winning combinings, with tastes and particular and original aromas entirely, that derive from the happy one “contamination” of the kitchen of Bolzano. They are born so the famous soups of chestnuts and porky, the potato dumplings of red turnip and sausage or of spinaches and sweet gorgonzola or the tortellinis with sauce of asparagus and spicy meatballs. Without counting the broths of the soups whether to drown the taste of the toasted bread or to forget the rich and savory base appetizers of crescentine and mixed meats, croutons and salty cakes.

The seconds can vary from the mixed grilled meat of pig and steer to the most elaborate recipes as the roast ones stuffed to the onions or in sauce of honey and walnut-trees, the fillets of pig to the mushrooms and hypocrite or to the balmy vinegar or anchor, the spicy rolled or the boiled of steer. While the art and the imagination of the confectionery it concludes every meal with all of his/her variations:  soft and fragrant tarts, dessert to the spoon like the crême caramel or the cooked whipped creams, cakes with cream or fresh fruit.