In the old main house 4 double rooms are been drawn, spacious with rustic furniture, each with deprived bath. To the second floor the rooms are found it Gnawed Blue and Campanulas, both with sight on the hills that bring Marconi to Stone and to the first floor the rooms Thrush and Narcissus with sight on the court. From the restructuring of the old stall and from the reconstruction of the old barn other 4 rooms are always drawn with deprived bath while, to the plain earth, an ample room to be turned to didactic farm or room for meeting, parties or receptions. The decorations and the complements of I furnish of every room they draw inspiration from the plant that from them the name: Room Sunflower, Room Lavender, Canine Pink Room all double ones or use single, with Tv and access internet wireless or on fixed net. The furniture have been sought after with the purpose to remember and to maintain the charm of the old main houses. The thick wood from grandeur to the tall matrimonial  on which it climbs us to climb us while, in others, the beaten iron in its linear forms maintains the rigor and the simplicity of the ancient main bedrooms of the place.

The middle price of the service Bed & Breakfast, out of the seasonal periods or for fairs, it is 70 Euro each room.  children have discounts of favor and up to three years free.  Quotations on application are always available as conventions for tourist groups or of job. An additional meal for the half pension is offered to a price of  20 Euro.