We have already celebrated so many birthdays, anniversary, marriages but also business suppers and tied up events to the fair initiatives of the city of Bologna.

We like The party and we lavish there every time to invent a preparation and a different menu according to the event to celebrate, both it the most intimate close to the turned on fireplace or the more crowded of friends and collaborators that enjoy of the porch to the open one, actually to the lunches to the sack to be consumed himself in the walks of friends in party that you want to enjoy of our park.

The art of the confectionery of Benjamin always crowns the final moment of the meeting and the toast that picks up the wishes and the auspices.

The genuineness, the goodness and the memoirs of ancient tastes are also found in the desserts that Benjamin invents or he elaborates again, according to the tastes of the most affectionate clients.

Good soft and fragrant tarts, dessert to the spoon like the crême caramel and cooked whipped creams.

Cakes for decorated ceremonies with abundance of details, base sweets of cocoa and chocolate, combined with creams to the zabajon and warm fruits of wood:

Cake with Almonds pasta and red blueberry, cake Black Forest, Cooked Whipped cream with fruits of wood – strawberries or raspberries, Chocolate or  Yogurt Mousse , Roll whipped with cream and strawberries, Roll with red blueberries, Cake of Saracen Wheat, Strudel with apples or pears and chocolate………..