Parinama “Yoga of the Change” is the practice of the discipline developed by the Teacher Baleotti and that to Bologna and not only, he picks up a lot of impassioned disciples for his based approach on the growth of the single student and his physical and psychological characteristics.

Teacher Bruno’s practice united to his experience of the traumas and the strong contractions derived him by the Karate (of which has been national champion) together with the direct experience in India where it becomes Aciaria with the name of Sukumar (the man that is always right), brings him to improve a very accurate study of the causes that actually limit the natural mobility of the human body to create an effective personal and innovative approach to the Hatha Yoga characterized by an ample use of utensils as chairs, ropes or wood rods that help the students “to feel” progressively the evolution of the equilibrium and the strength of his own body.

Subsequently this method is revealed effective and that has also allowed people in advanced age or with big problems of mobility to get amazing results on his own body and emotional equilibrium

From his reentry from India, Bruno is almost entirely devoted to the teaching of the Yoga one and he has founded one personal school and he has begun to form preliminary of Parinama. today they exist around about sixty recognized Instructors UISP formed him near the teacher Baleotti that they teach in the various zones of Italy, but mainly in Bologna and neighboring zones.

her daughter as well as the Teacher’s student-instructor, Emanuella, has followed him for a long time in this discipline and, now she is also specialized in the bio-natural manual treatments, as Shiatsu and Parisuna.

The natural environment that surrounds the agriturismo is the ideal frame to feel the experience of the Yoga discipline and of the personal treatments, spending one weekend of comfort on the occasion of the meetings periodically organized by the Teacher and Emanuella or booking individual meetings.